Mara Swenson

The UI/UX Designer Web Designer Photographer


A little about me

In the spring of 2006, during my final year of high school at Mount Vernon High School, I took a web design course where we were assigned the task of building a webpage in Dreamweaver. Thus began my love affair with design and development. After graduating high school I worked at OfficeMax for five years where I gained customer service experience. While I enjoyed working for OfficeMax, for the most part, I felt like something was missing. I missed working on web sites.  When GoDaddy had an opening in Iowa, I jummped at the opportunity to work for one of the largest web hosting companies. Here I learned about Wordpress, Magento and Linux Servers. I eventually moved on to Town Square Allergy and Asthma where I created their first website. This was a huge hit and eventually made it to page one of Google. My latest endevors have been with West Music where my greatest accomplisment has been heading the efforts of making West Music and all sub sites 100% ADA Compliant. Currently I work for de Novo Marketing where I work with both Wordpress and Bootstrap. When I have free time I freelance my web design skills under the name Electric Cat Designs.

Facts About Me



Open to Offers

Desired Salary:

To be Discussed

Education Level:

High School Diploma, Aditional Certifications and Training

Job Type:

Contract, Freelance


Ready to Relocate




Web Designer


Web Development


Web Design, Prototyping, Ux Testing, Ui Design, ADA Compliance


Traveling, Computers, Video Games, kayaking

Personal qualities

Communication Skills

Good communication is key to any working relationship. I am available by phone, email and in person whenever you need.


Flexibility requires the ability to react quickly to changing business conditions.


No one wants a web developer that isn't honest. That's why I won't make promises I can't keep. If I can't do something, I'm going to discuss the reasons why.

Passion for Web Development

I love developing new sites and coming up with different designs.

Professional Timeline

the only way to do great work is to love what you do - Steve Jobs
  • Dec 2006 - March 2011



    Interpreted company policies to workers and enforced safety regulations. Analyzed and resolved work problems and assisted workers in solving work problems. Successfully managed a 25 person team in running a retail operation. Trained new workers. Conferred with other supervisors to coordinate activities of individual departments. Responsible for opening/closing of the store, bank deposits, paperwork, and unloading of truck. Performed activities of the workers supervised, when needed.

  • March 2011 - Sep 2014


    Hosting Support Specialist

    Helped with user interface troubleshooting (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and plug in/theme updates. Provided site recommendations including WordPress theme and plugin audits. Assisted with plugin installation and updates. Answered questions via email and telephone about customer accounts.

  • Dec 2014 - Apr 2016

    Town Square Allergy & ASthma

    Web Designer

    Writer and marketer for Town Square Allergy and Asthma. Developed Face book, Twitter and email marketing plan. Developed Word press website http//littleallergycom and extensive SEO work Converted all PDFs to interactive online PDFs.

  • Aug 2016 - Dec 2017

    West Music

    Web Designer

    Designed, developed, maintained, and updated a variety of web sites as assigned. Assisted other design staff members with various aspects of site maintenance as needed. Updated web style sheets and pages on a regular basis and as required. Coordinated various web pages with appropriate links and multimedia elements in collaboration with design team members. Headed project to bring all West Music websites up to ADA standards.

  • Dec 2017 - Present

    de Novo Marketing

    Web Developer

    Translated mockups to full websites and updated websites as requested by clients. Created websites in both Bootstrap and Wordpress. Performed maintenace bi-weekly on maintenance clients and monitored sites for security. Created website add ons per client requests.